Martinique island

The Martinique is 80 km in its greatest length and 39 km in its widest part. The land rises gradually from the coast to the center and north where Carbet peaks are grouped and Mount Pelee, the highest point of the island (1397 m) .This part of Martinique is also the kingdom of fabulous rainforest. The east coast is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the west coast of the Caribbean Sea.


The population of Martinique is "plural" .This diversity is due to the many interbreeding, Europeans, Africans, Hindus, Caribbean and Asian.


Coming from tropical forests of South America, Arawaks landed at the start of the 2nd century. Around 700, Caribbean tribes replace them. The French take possession of the island in 1635, exterminate the Caribbean and bring in African and Indian slaves later to exploit the resources of the island (sugar, cocoa, coffee, spices).

Hospital in Martinique

The Fort-de France CHU is a public health establishment providing a threefold mission Care, Teaching and Research.

Carte de la Martinique

"The Fort-de France CHU, the referral hospital in the Caribbean, is 1,506 beds, 118,038 entries with 51,299 sessions, a staff of 5,610 agents including 670 doctors. It is also ..."
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