Scuba diving

Diving in Martinique to discover the flora and fauna of great beauty in warm water. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you will find regional clubs with instructors who have been trained on the specific requirements of your disabled to accompany you on the water.

Leisure activities and visits

Although all facilities are not yet accessibility standards, you can visit certain distilleries and discover the rum manufacturing methods. Unless you would rather hang out in parks and forests of the island. The Martinique hiking committee has Joëlettes for those who wish to approach the tropical vegetation closer.

Beaches and aquatic activities

Many beautiful beaches along the island can be only reached by bathing chair. Many destinations with lots of water activities to choose from, like the traditional Martinique skiff (yole) or canoeing.

Cruise and sail

Sailing trips are feasible and cruises with Handi 48 (November-May) to the Grenadines for 10 days.

Handicapped tandem skydiving

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  • Siège pour la douche dans l'hôtel
  • Lit médicalisé si besoin